Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Columbus Day...

I hope all of you in the states here had a great Columbus Day......it was a no mail day.....whoo hoo...no mail is good mail!!!

I'm going to share a bit of info about Chris Columbus....on 1492 as we say Columbus sailed the ocean blue....but did you know why and on what day that was? It was around the ninth of Av and the reason Columbus left on that day was because he was Jewish and the Jews were kicked out of Spain on that day as were many of his crew.....something they don't teach us in history class!

Hats off to you C. C. for discovering America!


jan said...

well well well. you learn something everyday dont you. I wasnt too keen on History at school I have to admit, although I did like drawing pictures of the Tudors and Elizabethans. Was told I was useless. Something I already knew really heehee

Reflections of life and art said...

Not something you learn in history is it....maybe if we had it would have been more interesting...lol!