Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sharing projects....

The first two pictures are of a 3d bird I just made...I got this pattern free from Bettsi McComb blog, "Tenderarts". There are no direction as to how to put it together just the pattern.
So I decided to give it a didn't go so well, I couldn't figure out how to but the other half of the bird and gusset together....I was so upset that when Bryan called I was crying...I know over a silly little stuffed see I have no depth not at all....I can't follow written directions...they get all jumbled up in my mind. I've had this problem all my life. Not something I'm proud to admit. If someone shows me how to do something then I don't have a problem. After talking to hubby on the phone, I asked the Lord to help me and then took a deep breath and tried it again and this is how it turned out....not to bad. Like I said there are no directions as to how to put this together so I didn't know where to leave it open to stuff....I did mine at the beak....that's why it looks so! These are placemats I made yesterday for my kitchen/dining table....they're reversible. I plan on making some napkins to match.

Share a little creativity with someone today!


crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey girl
aww its a cutie!!
i give you lots of credit for even trying -you know i can't sew a lick!!!
i am a visiual person-i need pic;s! printed instructions just confuse me even more:)
hugs from a beautiful autumn eastcoast

Reflections of life and art said...

Thanks Tammy....:)

Hugs back from nice fall sunny westcoast!

morningDove said...

i too am like you, visual, show me and i can do it. I love your stuffed bird and the place mats are gorgeous. You did a great job.

Reflections of life and art said...

Thanks Dove for your nice compliments....I'm making napkins and coasters to go along with the placemats...I just need to get up into my room and sew, sew, sew!!!