Friday, October 31, 2008

Surprise in the mail.....

I was so shocked to receive this lovely gift in the mail from my long time friend, Sharon..aka..MoonRae!
Sharon and I met a few years ago on my first beaded doll group.....she was in my very first round robin doll group and we became life long friends.....the kind that perhaps don't talk to each other often but neither one is out of mind and always in our heart.....the kind that never fades away!!!

Sharon, is a fantastic artist in what ever she puts her hands to and this is no exception.....she metal stamped this. The crystal at the end is from a vintage necklace of her mom's from the 40's and the metal is from her husband Charlie.
He said this saint was a Duchess who gave up all her wealth and worldly possessions to the less fortunate and lived out her life on the streets helping the poor......definitely a saint in God's eyes!

You can see I attached it to my scissors so I can always have it at hand!!!

Thank you MoonRae for such a thoughtful gift of love from you and Charlie!!!!

True friends are always a gift from God!!!


jan said...

Wonderful surprise for you, perfect place for the crystal too. :-)

crooked heart art~tabby said...

wonderful gift from sharon!! i have not talked to her in far too long-thanks for the promt to email her and say hello

MoonRae said...

Hello my sweets!! Just wanted you to know I love ya even when I'm being so quiet....serendipity....I've got one here for Tammy too....I don't say it often enough but you're always in my thoughts and prayers!! Hug Bry

Reflections of life and art said...

This is a lovely piece of work Sharon....thank you so much....I feel the say way as I stated in my are always in my heart....and please Hug Charlie for me too!