Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh my it's been so long.....

I can't believe time is just flying by since my last post...almost sounds like a confession....oh flash backs for my Catholic school days.....more like!

Anyways.....I've had an exciting week....last Wednesday I helped set up for Thanksgiving dinner at a nursing home down the street and later went back to help serve was so much fun. Then we had a wonderful "Praise and Worship" service at church that night....not a dry eye in the when that happens.....oh you could feel the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit moving in mighty one wanted to leave.....I remember those days when service would last three to four hours and no one wanted it to end.....we need more like that!

Bryan had Thursday and Friday he started to decorate for Christmas...oh I can't wait for it all to get will follow.

My son's 33 birthday was Thursday and one of my good friends birthday was Friday so I took her out Saturday morning for breakfast, which turned into an all day sharing and was wonderful!

Sunday was another tear jerker day at Church......Bryan was able to go and that was a blessing all in it's self! I love when I have the privilege to go to church with my husband.

Monday we went to visit with the kids since we won't be spending Thanksgiving with them.....Robin is so ready to give birth and everyone is waiting in anticipation of the arrival of the new member of the family. It was good to see the grand kids....we miss them so and they miss us but their lives are busy too, so we cherish every moment we get with each other.

Well, that's the short condensed version of what has been happening....I have some pics to share but that will be later......and oh yeah a little something I made the other will get a "hoot" out of it.....heehee!!

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