Monday, November 3, 2008

Special mail day....

What a beautiful surprise I had today in the mail from my dear friend Janet from Jans musing blog......I was shocked when I opened the package....there was this beautiful tea cozy, all sewed up for me.....and it fits my tea pot perfect as you can see in the third picture!

In the picture below you can see two more sets of tea cozies all ready cut out and ready to be sewed.....complete with the batting.....can you believe she even sent the batting. Oh, I almost forgot, behind the completed tea cozy is the pattern which all this was wrapped up in......I almost missed it until Bryan said there is something on this piece of fabric......that was all I was expecting Janet to send me..........not all this! You spoil me Janet!!!!

Look, my tea pot fits perfect in it's new tea cozy!!! What I love about this pattern is that you don't have to remove it to pour out the tea....tho, I would place a napkin under the spout so it doesn't drip onto the fabric.

There was another little gift tucked into the package as's my consolation prize for leaving a comment on her giveaway post.....a fabric covered note can go to her blog as she did a tutorial on how she made these covers......great job Janet as always!!!

What a practical even has a little pink pen tucked inside too!!! I put this lovely in my purse right away!

With all this, I'd say it was a very special WOW mail day......Thank you Janet for you generosity and all your help with the tea cozy pattern....never figured you would send the one you made as well as two sets ready for sewing.....your too sweet!


jan said...

My pleasure. What are friends for? :-)

Maggie R said...

what a cute tea cosy Noel....
Looks easy to make too...
BTW I love how your blog looks.... real fancy dancy!! I wish I was that clever!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, you warm my heart!!

Reflections of life and art said...

Maggie, thank you for the compliments on my blog....glad you like it!
I think the tea cozy will be fun and easy to do...but we will see!!!!!
You know I will be posting pics when done...good or!