Sunday, February 22, 2009

I feel so BAD...but I'm so EXCITED!!!

I know it's been so long since posting.....I have so much going on these days that it's hard to find the time to even read sounds like I'm complaining but believe me I'm NOT!!!

My life is so full these much different then last year being in the desert place....God is preparing me for His work and I'm so happy!

Let me share how my days are.....Monday night is Discipleship class on "Christian Evidence", Tuesday night is Woman's Bible study on a book called, "Live Intimately Lessons from the Upper Room", this is a five day work lesson....excellent study! Wednesday night, I have Children's Ministry...I work with kids between 5 & 12. This left Thursday nights and Friday nights open but that changed last week so now I am mentoring a young lady in my woman's bible study.....but I'm not finished......Saturday mornings, I have a "New Believers" bible study with two other friends....we currently have three ladies and soon to be another!!

How BLESSED, I am to be serving my Lord in ways that are so enriching to my soul!!!

I have been working on a project, that I will be telling you all about soon!

I have so many project ideas that I want to I just have to find the time...LOL!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Just know that you are all loved!!




jan said...

Good grief Noel, I do hope that you are finding a little time for yourself, everyone needs time for themselves, I am sure the Lord wouldn't begrudge you that. :-)
Glad you are back with us, no wonder you haven't been on here much, busy busy busy...

morningDove said...

oh this sounds so exciting. keep us up on what you are doing. mentoring another young woman sounds great. so rewarding.

Reflections of life and art said...

Hello Jan and Dove, thank you for your encouraging words....I have so much peace of mind and soul that it's amazing! Ususally I would be pulling our my hair by now but I just take one day at a time and it gets better and better every day!
I do miss creating tho...I have to make so time for that...I have a couple of projects I want to finish first!
Pics to be posted soon!