Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grand kids day......

I can't believe I forgot to finish this post....I started it on Saturday and never posted it!
Well, anyways on Friday hubby and I had a wonderful day with the grand kids! We haven't seen them in over a month and we were due for a fix....LOL!
Here is Bryan, Clover and Caleb
This is my sweet 8 year old Evelyn
These next two are of Clover....I can't believe she is almost 4 months old already
She got her ears pierced the night mistaking her for a boy......hee hee!

and yes, that is Nana's kisses on her cheeks!!!

This is proud Papa holding Clover....I don't think she likes the beard.....VBG!

Here's big sis holding her little sis!

And last but not least is BIG brother, Caleb holding his little sister too!

I think she's had enough holding or perhaps enough pictures.....ok, I'm done for this trip!

God has truly blessed us with three wonderful grand children to love!!!
Thank You Lord!

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jan said...

Oh these are super pictures, thanks for sharing. lol