Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A week of Endings!!

This week marks an end to my two studies....the "Discipleship of Christian Evidences" class ended last night and the "Live Intimately", Woman's bible study ends tonight!
I'm not really interested in the new book that the woman's study is doing next so I'm sitting that one out.
I did however, find this study book that I'm going to do myself over the summer!
I want to know God's love more intimately! This is something that I struggle to understand, I didn't have a warm, nurturing family when I was growing nor, do I have now....I'm considered the black sheep of the family and that's ok, I love my family very much...each one of them is so unique and full of character....how can you not love that....:-)

I will share with you weekly when I begin this study.....so, you may know God's love too VBG!

Hugs to you today!!!!


jan said...

Okey Dokey :-)

jan said...

Cos I am obviously the black sheep in ours too! Do I care though. Not a jot.

morningDove said...

i can so relate to your family black sheep thing BUT aren't you glad you are a daughter of The King.

Reflections of life and art said...

I'm in good company then....VBG!
Dove, I am glad that I'm a daughter of the King and I can't wait for Him to return soon!!