Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's been a week.......

I know it's been a week since my last how time flies....I haven't been idle but very busy!!!
Last weekend after our bible study on Saturday, the kids came was so nice to have them here....I miss those family dinners!!!
Monday, I started the fourth class in my discipleship classes and it was powerful to say the least!
I have a new venture in the makings and hope to reveal it real soon to you all!! Keep your fingers crossed that all works out and I can get this completed soon....I'm not too computer savvy so it takes this gal a while to figure things out....I get so frustrated sometimes but I'm plugging along....LOL!
I'm off to call my computer service and find out why I can't burn Cd's from my laptop.....something I paid for almost two years ago.......and yes I'm just now getting around to it......when I get frustrated with something I let it go and go and go....not anymore!!!

I leave you with Clover blowing Kisses at you all!!!!!!!!


jan said...

Oh bless her little heart, blowing one back to you Clover. XX whooo
lol Jan xxx

Intrigued to hear what you have been up to, glad the classes are going well for you my friend.

I have nearly finished your 'special' gift. Hope to get it in the post next week. vbg xx

morningDove said...

can't wait to see the new adventure although i would say nothing can top the new adventures of Clover.

the word verification for your post "joypen".

Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, you don't need to send me anything have sent me so much. I will give Clover a kiss on Saturday when I see her next!

Dove, there may be some good news soon...I think Clover is not going to be an only child soon....Lord willing! I know they are a bit anxious too!

jan said...

I like doing it.