Saturday, May 23, 2009

My latest project....

This is my latest project that I completed Thursday night. It's out of the new June/July BeadWork magazine.
I couldn't believe how easy the instructions were to follow and how fast they worked took more time to pick out the beads I used then actually beading!
I didn't take a picture of the back of them but they look as good as the front, they just don't have the white beads across them!
I like the fact that the back look as good as the front!!


Sherry said...

Wow Noel, these are great. You should consider opening and ETSY shop and sell your beadwork.

Reflections of life and art said...

Thanks Sherry for the compliment...I wish I had the time to do Etsy...but I may have a different direction to go...I'm waiting on the Lord for direction.


Maggie R said...

Hi Noel,
These earrings are gorgeous... I love them. I haven't tried to do earrings yet.. Thanks for the inspiration..

Reflections of life and art said...

Maggie, you can make these...they are easy and turn out so quickly...I went a bought more earring backs to make more!!

jan said...

Very pretty Noel, you are a clever lady. lol Jan xx