Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Surprise Mother's Day Gift!!!!!

I want to share with you a very special surprise I was gifted with on Sunday, Mother's Day.
You see, our church has a Woman's Retreat coming up next month and this is the second year I've wanted to go but we couldn't afford the $150.00.
At lunch on Saturday, my friend Dalana, suggested that I ask at church on Sunday if my name could be put on a waiting list in case someone can't make it at that last minute I could go in their place....that's how she was able to go last year.
Now, I would never do that because I always think there is someone else who would need it more than I do, but for some reason, I asked and when I got home after Sunday School there was a message from the head of the Woman's Ministry saying that someone has paid my way to go to the retreat this year..............WOW!!!
I was blown away......I cried and thanked God for this blessing and for the loving kindness of this wonderful person!!
WOOO HOOOO I get to go to the retreat......what till I show you where it is......next month.......hee hee!!!!


Melb. said...

Good for you!!!!

jan said...

Wonderful gift for a wonderful person if you ask me. You deserve it. Go and enjoy. Tell all when you return. lol Jan xxx

morningDove said...

you deserve to go and enjoy time with other godly women. may the Son rise every day in your life.

Reflections of life and art said...

Thank you ladies for your warm encouraging words....I'm so looking forward to this retreat.

Noel xoxox