Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where do I begin.....I know here.....;-)

Saturday was and exciting day.....my son Aaron, graduated from Cal. Baptist College!!
He never had a high school graduation, you see he finished his courses in January of the graduating year but went into the Marines in February and didn't get the chance to have his ceremony in June.
There he is on the big screen after receiving his diploma.....Woo Hoo!!!

I told him he had the best graduation of all, not only was his mom and dad there, but his children and wife....doesn't get better then that!!!!!

Look at that smile.....you did it son!! Mama is so proud of you!!!!

Took him about six years going full time, working full time, raising a family and keeping his studies up.....oh did I mention he graduated in the top of the top 10 in his class......oh yeah!
He's an Alpha Chi man!!!!
Here he is with he half brother.....people say they look alike...hmmmmm...what do you think...lol!


jan said...

Well what a handsome boy/man sorry he is. Congatulations on graduating at last. Everything comes to he who waits.

Reflections of life and art said...

Thank you Jan....he looks like his dad...if you put the two together they look identical....except his dad dyes his hair black...so vain...lol!

jan said...

Oh that song!!! You're so vain, you probably think I'm talking about you.....hahahaha

morningDove said...

where have i been; amazing and belated congrats to Aaron and his family and mom/dad too.