Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Day of Work......

Oh, my first day of work. It's a very interesting job!
It's called "The Organizers" and we are an accounting company that handles the financial payments for those on SSI (Social Security) and SSA (Disability), who have mental handicaps in one way or another!
There is a high volume of calls and they are very, very I got a good taste of what I am up against day to day!
The gals are all wonderful and it's a good place to work!
So I'm there to stay as long as the Lord wants me!!
As, Janet commented, I probably will have less time to chat....not so...I went through internet withdrawals today......I couldn't' want to get home to check emails and update my blog to let you all know what's going on......thank you all for your well wishes!!!


jan said...

That's good then, we aren't going to lose you.
xx lol jan xx

jan said...

I hope

Maggie R said...

Well Noel. Thanks for the update.. Congratulations on getting the job.. Sounds good...
I'm sure you were doing the happy dance when you got it!!
The good Lord works in mysterious ways...Praise the Lord....
Keep in touch ny friend..

morningDove said...

oh wow you have a job. congrats. sounds very interesting.