Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a view.....

When I opened my back patio window yesterday, this is what I saw.........
I laughed so hard, I called Bryan to come and see this too....we both laughed!
Looks like the doll had a hard week and needed a rest......LOL!

It reminded me to I did today. After I came home from Sunday School at 2 pm...I had a little lunch talked about the morning with Broc and then Shayla and I trotted upstairs and took an almost three hour nap........oh that felt good!!!!

Hope your weekend was a good one, filled with many adventures!

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jan said...

Noel, I went into total panic when I saw that, good thing you explained it was only a doll!!! Good grief do not do that to me, I am fragile enough!!! The dolls look so real don't they these days. Phew... blood pressure back to normal. Jan x