Monday, August 3, 2009

Sorry it's been so long.....have lots to share!!!!

Oh there is so much to share with's been a very busy couple of weeks!
I'll start with the Comic Con's where it started, downtown San Diego.
I'm on top of the Hilton Hotel just across the sweet friend Dalana, works there and she was the one who got us our free tickets!!

The pictures below I took during our lunch break...if you look through the psalm trees you can see the Coronado bridge. Just to the left of this picture is the Hard Rock was packed.
The pic below is Bryan, there were lots of street vendors promoting something or another....hmmmm I wonder what that character gave him!

Oh he's looking at us, I better not throw away what he gave Bryan....
Lots and lots of people dressed up for the show!
This picture below was a chalk drawing for a new picture by's going to be their version of Men in Black only more geared for kids....see the hand at the bottom right.....weird!

Ok, now the rest are from the show itself....big Star Wars promotion going on...I won't bore you with all the pics just a grandson Caleb loves Star Wars!!
This is one of the "Transformer" robots for the movie....
And as you can see plenty more people in dress....

This is Bryan next to a wax figure of Wolverine....pretty cool!
It was the promotion of the new LA Wax Museum figures on display!
Well, that's was an experience but one I don't care to do again!
I was never one to get into comics and besides the comics that they have out now are so DARK, GRUESOME, AND PORNOGRAPHIC!
This is definitely not a place I would bring children, but there were a lot there!
In the main hall, I was shocked to see all the disgusting display of filth that is out there for kids and adults to view and read!
There was one table called "Suicide Girls".....need I say more!
It really opened my eyes to a whole dark world I never knew existed anymore!!
Some of these people really get into the lives in these comics....they live it sad is that!!
I'll tell you what....give me a good bible hero any least I know they were real and a good example to live by!!


jan said...

Its a terrible world we live in Noel. I fear for Rebecca I really do. Comics!!! She is not allowed them they just put in a load of rubbish or as you say suggestive stuff, and 10 year olds do not need that filth in their lives. Now or EVER.
Sorry you didnt enjoy the show, I would have hated it too.
lol Jan
miss you :-(((((

WayMooreFunQuilting said...

Just keep repeating "on Christ the Solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand..."