Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Decorations....

I've been enjoying other blogs that share their home holiday decorating and thought I'd share my simple home decorations with you.....mind you they are minimal...we don't go all out like we use to when the grandkids use to come over...but none the less it's nice and cozy....we live in a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage with a very private patio...which I enjoy every day!
This is the right side of the living room as you walk in the front door.....behind the couch is the fireplace.
The Jack pumpkins, my hubby did last year and if you look on the shelf, you can see a pumpkin luminary on the left and a ghost and pumpkin candy dish I painted on the right.
This next picture is of the downstairs bathroom door and entry way....I repainted the canvas had "Happy Haunting" on it and I wanted to be able to leave it up through Thanksgiving so I painted over the letters.....the moon I did years ago, I use to Tole paint and this is one of them....all done in a technique known as "Pen & Ink"....everything is put in with a black fine pen and then you color in with acrylic paint.

Here's a closer look.....
This is the front door....another painting a did years ago.....

Shelf on the right as you walk into the living room...if you look closely you can see another painting I did behind the pumpkin's a little shack done with the "Pen & Ink" technique only this is when I switched to oil paint instead of acrylic paints....easier to work with! I also painted the scarecrow and the ghost....all done in acrylic paint.

This is the downstairs bathroom....ahahaha...I just noticed the Christmas table cloth....oh well pretty soon I won't have to worry about's almost that time of year!
I did paint the pumpkins on the tin the flowers are in.

This is the dining area looking straight from the living room and just to the left is the kitchen.
The flower arrangement on the table I made years ago and the large wooden pumpkin on the table in the back I painted as was suppose to be different...each panel was to have a halloween scene on them but it was tooo much work so I decided to just paint it orange.

Hope you enjoyed my little modest decorations!

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morningDove said...

love visiting with you in your home. thanks for sharing.