Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Blessed Week and Weekend.....

I have had one of the most blessed weeks.....first a friend of mine who's grandson we have been praying for that he would turn his life over to God and get off drugs has and I got to met him and his fiance' on Wednesday.....had a great time talking, sharing and encouraging them in the Lord!
I also, got a call from hubby saying that he had Thursday off as a vacation 3 days off again together. As I was getting ready to go with hubby on Thursday to do some errands, I was digging in my drawer for some socks and put my hand on my anniversary ring I lost at the laundry place two months ago...God is so do you know it wasn't there to begin with.....let me tell you I pulled everything out and put it back piece by piece and it wasn't there.....I was in shock and started to shake...I turned around to show hubby and we both got so excited and praised the Lord for the miracle!
It gets getter.....I got a call soon after that from a friend telling me that anther lady here in the complex who was diagnosed with a second bout with cancer went to her doctor on Wednesday to find out when her treatments were to begin again and the doctor took more x-rays...only to find out that the spots were gone and she is cancer free.............another miracle and answered God is an awesome God, who reigns from Heaven above!
Friday, went to bible study and Saturday we had the Harvest Festival...over 1,300 kids were there and it was a warm fall night.....great turn out.
Ok I'll finish now...but I could go on and on....HUGS!!


jan said...

I am so pleased you have found your ring. However it happened it is good.
lol Jan xx

morningDove said...

i'm so happy you found your ring. you are a busy girl. God is great no matter the outcome bc He is "The Man". off to doc today myself. keep those praise reports coming.