Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Celebration pics...

The first picture is our special speaker....she'e from South Africa and she shared so many wonderful details about the customs from her native think I didn't know was that it's summer there on Christmas and most of the people spend it at the wonderful!
The first picture under this one is a picture of my table I hosted.
Everything on the table other than the glassware I created....the gifts were a small loaf crock with homemade Pumpkin bread and each was tied with a small stuffed stocking ornament. Also, at each place setting was a card with a different country telling of how they celebrated Christmas. I also punched out each of those snowflakes you see on the table....thought it would be a nice tough.

Sorry, that some of the pictures are blurry....I didn't take them, I had someone else do it for me but you can get the feel for each table....the theme was "Christmas Around The World" 
You could theme your table for a particular country, as there was one set with a China, Aftica, Mexico, Paris theme!
We had wonderful entertainment and the deserts were grand!


jan said...

FANTASTIC...GREAT JOB.. WELL DONE..BRILLIANT.. I know you were worried but honestly Noel, you have done so well with your table, it looks fabulous. I wish I could have been at your table.
I hope the ladies loved what you had done for them.
Great stuff,
lol Jan xxxxxx

morningDove said...

i agree with jan would loved to have been there. your table looks wonderful and all your sweet touches were noticed i am sure. loved looking at all the tables, great way to celebrate from around the world.