Saturday, November 28, 2009

New project....

I came across this tree that I made last year for something I don't remember but obviously it didn't happen so I thought I'd use it for something different this year......can you guess what it's going to be......let me give you a hint...I've already glued the face on!

It's been raining all night and now it's pouring out with thunder now and this weathere..don't get it too often at this time of year but it's a welcome and a good day to stay in and work on some projcets or Christmas gifts.........ONLY 27 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS FOLKS!!!!


Maggie R said...

Hi Noel.... I thought it never rained in SUNNY CALIFORNIA!!!!
Your new project looks interesting.... No ideas here yet?!?!

jan said...

Hmmm, tis a mystery to be sure....