Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful creations

It's been a yucky week.....sick and couldn't do energy and still not over it but I'm sick of being, ok enough complaining!

I want to show you a couple of creations my grand children made a couple of weeks a go when they spent the night.....

This is called "Beauty on the Beach"....Evelyn made this can see the colored glue melted all over the piece....she has quite the imagination!

This one Caleb did and I think it's called "Warrior Man".....not sure!
I love their imaginations when putting these together....they had a ball...Papa just pulled out all the driftwood (4 boxes) and shells (8-10 boxes) and let them go! They first picked out their faces and painted them, then started to create from there. 


jan said...

Well done kids, they are great.

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

these are wonderful noel
its been to long since i have seen the ocean and all its bounty
looks like the grandkid had a blast - they are very artistic
enjoy your day
x' & o's

morningDove said...

when i first looked at Caleb's creation i thought it was Jesus carrying the wooden part for his cross. they are both so creative - i love them both. and i was thinking of doing a trade on FAT for a coaster but i love your rug terminology better. they are beautiful.