Monday, January 4, 2010

New fun stuff.....

This is a new tea I won at the New Years Eve party hubby and I went to....we played the game "Apples to Apples" and I won the first's Citron Preserve tea from's so soothing on the throat!

I was blessed by my neighbor with this sewing machine. I've been wanting a smaller light weight sewing machine that just has basic stitches on it for classes and such.....what a nice surprise!

Look at this haul....hubby came home this morning from Joann's and said they clearancing out some fat quarters at .50....well better yet they were .25 and with the Joann's employee discount...I got 80 fat quarters for $18.40....not bad!
I might have to have a giveaway here soon....I'm almost at 200 posts!
Now I'm off to make some more citron tea and snuggle on the couch....seems I'm finally getting a sinus infection or head cold...not quite sure which..but I feel real yucky! 


morningDove said...

y0u are so blessed, love the sewing machine and wow what a new stash collection. hope you feel better real soon.

jan said...