Friday, February 19, 2010

A day spent well....

On Wednesday I went and spent the day with Robin and the two babies....Robin's mom was there visiting are some pics of the drive up there and the girls....
The first few pics are of my drive up there...see the snow in the mountains....that's as close as I get! 
This is "Big Bear" mountain....
Yes, I took these pics while I was driving
Look how green everything is!
This is another set of mountains to the right, it's a place called "Idyllwild"....artsy tourist town!
This is called "Gilmans Pass" just before I get to their's beautiful! 

Check out the pony tail on Clover....too darn cute!

 And little Violet with her monkey hair, just like her daddy when he was her's wild and sticking up all over!
Here's my baby, Aaron at about a month old....monkey hair too...tho I think my mom smoothed it down with baby oil first...she was big on putting that on his hair back in the 70's and making that peak in the middle of his head.....his first!

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