Friday, February 5, 2010

So much catching up to do...

I can't believe it's February already....where is this year going already...before you know it the holidays will be upon us that fast yet!
I finally found my cord for my camera so I can share some pictures....enjoy!
Above are the simple quilt tops that I sewed for the Nursing Home ministry through the Dorcus Circle at church.
This is my birthday present from Robin and Aaron...Robin hand crocheted this for pink and black...I love it..with you could see the ruffle around the's beautiful. I snuggle up with this one and the heart one Janet sent me last year...keeps me toasty warm!

I now have a nice work station down stairs...this is the sewing machine my neighbor gave me and this is where I put the quilt tops together....I found this computer desk at the Goodwill for $5.00...can't beat that price!
The above is my latest fabrics I got for projects...the first two fabrics are for my new living room curtains...they will be double sided so I can use one side all year and the other will be for Christmas as it has holly leaves on it...I designed the pattern, hubby drew it out on cardboard and I have the template....I will be working on them this weekend while hubby is on a men's retreat this weekend...the whole house to myself and of course Miss Shayla!
The next set of fabrics are for a table topper...I purchased the solid bird fabric first and then came across the panel this week at Wallmart of all places...the pictures don't do this fabric justice to the vibrancy of the colors...I'm excited to get this done too!
That's it for now....have a blessed weekend! 

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jan said...

Oh I love that machine, you could do things with that one, the machines that have the knobs are the best BEST BEST ever. Because YOU are in control not the machine.
Go Noel....