Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What I've been up to.....

Well, here we go again...it's been so long since I last posted....I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I have been quite busy. Not in the creative way as of yet, but busy none the less.
First, hubby has had an exceptional amount of time off....hours cut back so he's used sick time and vacation time....nice but when he's off it's hubby time all the way!
Second, our house guest has moved out and is on his own again, so I have my craft room back.
I've been cleaning and rearranging...still not finished but it's getting there.
I'm thinking of putting some of my not used stuff on Ebay and putting things on Etsy too...perhaps I can set up a blog just for selling.....not sure just yet, but I'm looking forward to creating again. Take a look at the room so far, it's a lot better than it was a week ago. I have lost a chunk of space with the twin bed being in there now but I'll make it work for me....the dogs love it, they can sleep while mama is busy creating....lol!
We moved a dresser in the closet so I lost a couple of carts for storage.....I guess it really is time for getting rid of some stuff. I have a big storage bin downstairs full of memory stuff to put up for sale....need to make some money to buy more stuff....ahahaha...not!
Pretty raw right now but it's getting there....by the weekend I should have all put back together and playing again!


jan said...

WOW, I love what you have in your room, I could move in right now, the bed is waiting for me I see. xx

morningDove said...

hello girl, haven't been on 'puter much. too busy decluttering entire home. feels great, but studio area is next and then i will be done. i even released pieces of furniture with sentimental value. freeing. i'm getting rid of fabric too. love what you are doing in your studio area. be blessed.