Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great week....

Had a great week last much going on!
We had our annual garage sale at our church. Bryan and I worked there Thursday and some good finds, as you can see from the pics below.....

The first is a ceramic kiln and all these molds...take a guess to how much I paid.....nope...only $30.00 for the lot...the kiln is in perfect condition!

Next are two boxes of glass mounts...these I got for free...perfect for stamping needs and other mind is spinning!
This was an unbelievable find....don't know where it came from but it just appeared on the "Office Supply" table.....this is perfect for reaching those hard to get areas of scrapbooking....I saw a gal use one in a YouTube video for her mini albums....only $2.00....a lot more if I bought it from Office Depot....even with hubby's!
My new sewing table....Bryan's been looking at Joann's sewing table for me....I know have a 2x3 work surface....not a whole lot of you see the extension on the end.....loving it.....and well this was a steel too.....if I tell you the price or should I say no price you will want to say "Shut the Front Door"....hee hee!
I'm so blessed by the finds.....can't wait to get everything organized again....does that ever!

So on to the rest of the weekend.....Friday night we went to a Middle Eastern dinner and entertainment show.....there was a magic show and live music...we had a great time.
Then Saturday morning I had a seminar on "How to Study Your Bible With Purpose"....learned so much my head is still trying to process it all....but I don't look at reading and studying the bible the same way anymore....I even got to show hubby part of the application on a couple of verses and he was WOWED!!!
Ok, so that brings us to Saturday night....attended a wonderful Christian concert by a group from the 70's called "Love Song" they were awesome!
Well, that's it for to work on the art room organization.....endless task!!



OMG, you were blessed!!! What a find! I would have loved to have found a Kiln for that price! Oh and your other goodies, WOW!!! Can I come over and play? hee hee I have wanted to try some hot glass works.

Maggie R said...

Gee Noel you really lucked in with all these goodies....
Looks like you are as busy as ever...Me too, but I have to take a break and have a colonoscopy to-morrow!!!UCK!
Take care

Reflections of life and art said...

Thank you if I can only find the time to work with the kiln...Maggie I hope all went well!

Taffy said...

Hi! It's Taffy, here! You know i had a sewing machine like that, but after MIL passed away, my SIL was left with it :( (that was a big drama, hahaha).

You certainly got some great finds. Have you used the ceramic kiln yet? I can't wait to see what you make! :)