Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's new....

I forgot to post this gift from my DIL....she made this hat for me and my son made the hat stand with his own two's the hat from "Alice in Wonderland".....the Treasure Cat hat...right down to the hat pins too.
Love homemade gifts!

Working on a few items of my own...a mini page album hosted by Bona on her blog "Keep On Scrappin" . It's called the "Le Romantique" mini album using Graphic 45 paper from that collection...each one of us has a different page and we have to make 8 pages total and when we get all seven other pages back we can make our own mini My page is called "DayDreams"...I'll show you the completed page when done. I just made the beaded stick pins for the flowers for those pages....turned out great.

Life is always getting in the way of creating but that's what makes each day interesting...don't you think?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



The hat is just wonderful!

Taffy said...

I love the hat! I can't wait to see your pages! :)