Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Goodies in the mail!

Look at the goodies I got in the mail today......some nice new thread!!!
This is my first order so I'm excited to try it out....they are all 100% Egyptian cotton.....if that means anything? I've never sewed with this kind before but I did notice a difference in the thread that I purchased from another well known thread website.....their thread is linty even on the spool!

Can you believe that all seven spool including the s/h only came to $16.22......there's even a variegated on in the bunch...lol!

Like Bryan said, "You can't buy them in the store for that price"....what a wise man I have....hehehe!

Thread.....thread of life, holding on by a thread, thread that ties us together....thread, it's not just for sewing.


jan said...

These look pretty colours, what are you going to do with them now you have them. Something wonderful I hope. I don't think I have ever used Egyptian Cotton, but I know my daughter says the Hotyels all use Egyptial Cotton sheets for their beds, so it must be some good strong stuff.
Bryan, you are so right.

Reflections of life and art said...

I don't know yet...I wanted to try the thread out to see if I like it...I'm sure they will be fine. I'm getting ready to make some Christmas fabric postcards...so perhaps then. They look real nice...I've always heard this is good cotton but we will see...:)

morningDove said...

yes please keep us informed on how you like these. I've never used the Eygptians threads.

Reflections of life and art said...

I will Dove,
I was planning on working on some projects this weekend...but not now...I have that confrence to go to so perhaps on Sunday after church....never know what's around the corner...lol!