Tuesday, November 11, 2008

History Remembered.....

This is a statue that stands in the San Diego Harbor and that's the USS Midway in the background.
This statue is in remembrance of a famous photograph taken by photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt of Life magazine.
Picture this, a nurse during WWII in Time Square on August 15, 1945 standing there with thousands of other celebrating the Japans surrender and right there on Broadway and 45th street, a sailor grabs her and kisses her.
There just happened to be a photographer for Life magazine who snaps the shot, which then turns out to be one of the most famous photographs in history for that day.

Just to give you an idea how large this statue is, there is my friend Linda sitting at the feet.....it's HUGE!!

Now for the amazing part.....this picture is a reenactment of this historical photograph and the lady in the photo is the woman that the sailor kissed on that day in history. Her name is Edith Shain, of LA and she is 90 years old. Edith was in New York over the weekend and will be the Grand Marshal for the parade today. She's wearing an authentic nurses uniform, one like she wore back on that day in history.
Just a fun little story for you today!
So on this day please remember our soldiers then and now.....without them we wouldn't have the freedom we have today!
God Bless our military men and women as they serve our country here and abroad!


jan said...

Fabulous, I love that statue and to think she is the orignal lady, brilliant info Noel. :-)

Reflections of life and art said...

This story is amazing isn't it and to think this is the same woman....I have a piece of history in my own back yard....well not that close..lol!