Monday, November 17, 2008

What a week....worth it all!

What a week it's was.....I had to get ready for the Woman's Holiday lunch on Saturday and the craft fair that was to immediately follow....lots to make....:-)

The week started off great, my head full of ideas as to what to do and I had it all planned out for each day.....well you know how that least for me....whenever I plan anything it never happens to go quite as smoothly as planned.....does that happen to anyone else but me....VBG!

Well, all was well until Tuesday night at my ladies bible study....I tripped over someones purse and almost crashed into the wall, where behind was another group study going wouldn't that have been a crashing in on them! So to stop myself from doing so and falling, I stiffened up my body and twisted it in such a way that I can't believe I did it and then came down so hard on my right was like I stopped dead in mid crash......not a smart thing to do......I was in so much pain from my shoulders to my foot and down my spine.....but I stuck it out for the study and came home and soaked in a nice hot eucalyptus bath....soothing until I tried to get up.....wasn't happening and Shayla was no help...she kept eating the bubbles and wanting to jump in the water with me. Well, I managed to get out and went right to bed.....pretty much was laid up on there is all that time lost to get my projects done.

I felt better on Wednesday night which I later found out that my friend lifted me up in prayer at service for healing in my body.....I just love the power of prayer!

Worked my fanny off and got things done....but didn't sell but three little ornaments.......made $10.00.....but it was all worth it! I met some wonderful Christian ladies that I would not of had the chance to prior and to see all their lovely work....we have some very talented women in our church group.

Always look for the rainbow in every situation not matter what it is!!

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jan said...

O me o my, poor you, my heart goes out to you, been there done that. Disappointing, but you pick yourself up, you literally, dust yourself off and yes. Start all over again. Get well soon my friend. :-)