Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Already!!

Wow this week flew pun intended with the picture!
This was sent to me in an email and I thought I would share it with all my blogging friends! This is a once in a million life shots!

I'm going to be very busy the rest of the week.....I have a craft fair to get ready for on the 15th.....and yes you guessed it I haven't started. I know what I would like to do but I first have to clean up my art room....that should take a couple of days all in itself. It's a good thing though....time to declutter and eliminate about half of what is in there....some will be given away, some donated and some sold on ebay.
I would like to purchase set of Neo colors so in order to afford them I have to sell some of what I have....I think that's fair enough!

Pictures to follow of before and after pics of the room....also I will post some things to give away after next weekend so stay tuned cuz it will be first come first get....hehehe!

Have a wonderful weekend and may God smile upon you all!


crooked heart art~tabby said...

ahhh noel
your pic's of the ocean make me able to breathe better :)
glad you had a great day-but sorry you were stung :(
hope all goes well for you at the craft festival-good wishes
lets see what you are making
enjoy your day my friend
big hugs from the east coast

Reflections of life and art said...

Glad yoy enjoy the pics....I knew you would.
Thanks for the encouragement on the craft fair...I will be posting pics.

Hugs back from soggy windy cool san!