Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday already....and some giveaways!

It's already been a busy morning....had to take my Jeep in for repairs, it died last night...turned out it was only the battery......Thank God, that's all it was!!
I've been on the phone with the bank, they still have some accounts frozen due to last years loan modification! Thought this was all taken care of but I guess's always something!
I'm sitting here in my dinning room looking out the back window and I see a puppy playing with a big yellow know the ones that kids play with in the's so funny the noodle is three times the length of the dog....too cute! The lady in the apartment directly behind my condo, runs a daycare out of her place....I love the sound of children playing......especially when they's such sweet sounds to the ears!!
Ok, now to let you know who is having giveaways! First, go to Pat Winter's blog....she is having a giveaway in her ArtFire shop and in her Etsy shop! You read it right.......not one but two giveaways....gotta love that!
Next, is Laura Ingalls Gunn's Blog....she has a neat giveaway, one that anyone would find interesting!
Last, is Bella McBride's Blog......she is having a giveaway of one of her "Romance Neckware" designs......they are beautiful knitted Victorian looking collar!
Ok, I think I covered them all.....I'm sure there are more out there with giveaways, but for me that's all I know of for now!
Enjoy your day!

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