Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poem to Share.....

We Leave His Mark

We leave His mark on each kind deed
That we bestow on those in need.

We leave His mark when we show we care
For a lonely soul who has known despair.

We leave His mark on each bright day
That we have chosen to pave the way.

We sing the praises of Heaven above
As we spread the joys of hope and love.

by Catherine Janssen Irwin

This is for all of you who give of yourselves in the most, simplest a kind word, a warm smile, or a small gift in the mail. You have know idea how much your kindness impacts a life but there is One who does, who sees everything. Our bible verse last night in children's ministry was, "Give your best to God".....and as I explained to them, even if it seems so simple and not a big deal to you, it is a big deal to Him, our heavenly Father!

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