Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day.....

Today is a special day for most people but for me it has never been that way since I was in my 20's.......it started out to be a night of celebration with some close girlfriends at a pub in Michigan. Most of the gals were already there and had their green beer and as I started to go to the bar to order mine a very nice looking man brought me one and said that it was on him. I smiled and said thanks....mind you I hadn't been there more then 20 minutes....well I started to get very hot and dizzy so I said I was going out to get some air....and wouldn't you know it, that nice looking man that brought me the beer was right there to help me, so I thought.....you see this nice guy slipped a drug in my beer and my friends found me in his car.....lucky they came looking for me right away and he didn't complete the task he set out to do, but it was traumatic enough for me to never have forgotten it to this day! So that's why I have never looked at this day with fond memories until now............I have a beautiful grand daughter, named Clover who puts a smile on my face now when ever I see a green clover!!!
Enjoy the day!!


jan said...

O Noel, what a good thing as you said they came searching for you. I would like him to be drugged I tell you, what evil people there are. I'm not surprised you don't celebrate with that at the back of your mind.

Your little Clover though is just beautiful, a real little treasure.
lol Jan xxxxxxxxxxxx

morningDove said...

God is good and Clover is such a beautiful name and reason to celebrate this day.

Sherry said...

Sorry for such horrible memories, but as Dove said, God is Good. He gave you Clover and the other two. Beautiful children. You are truly blessed. Congrats to hubby, too. I know you had a rough year, but looks like things are turning around.

Pat Winter said...

How awful! I am so sorry you were a victim of an idiot, but glad he was interrupted. Good news though, You won my "Follower" prize. Go see! Congrats!!!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

God is so Good and His belssings are new every day....I have Clover to remind me of how wonderful and faithful He is to take away our hurts and replace them with blessings!
Thank you for all your kind words!


Maggie R said...

Oh My Noel.... What a frightening experience.
Glad you were ok.....Guardian angels are everywhere!
I love your new grandbaby's name"Clover" how SWEET!