Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Weekend......

Friday night was an amazing night.....hubby and I celebrated a Passover (Haggadah) and experienced a traditional Seder dinner. It was amazing to go through what the Jews celebrate every year since Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. This was our table....can you tell we were anxious to go...we were the first two to sign up!!
We sang Jewish songs and read the same passages from the bible that has been read for thousands of years on this night. The actually Passover is this Wednesday night, April 8th and it falls on the same day when Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples.

Look what I woke up to on tulips opened up.....look at those centers....Beautiful!

Now that's not all....on Saturday I attended a conference called "Epicenter 09", it's the first one in the United States...the first one was last year which was held in Jerusalem.
It was all about biblical prophecy, what has been fulfilled, what is happening around the world today in fulfillment of what is to come. There were so many speakers unpublicised and after seeing and hearing what they had to share I can see why they were not publicised.
One speaker, was a senior aid to Yasser Arafat, who is now a born again christian.....I loved what he said, "I traded my AK 47 for the Word of God, the bible"! He gave his testimony of salvation and when he went to tell his oldest son, he found out that he had already given his live to Jesus and had been praying, along with the whole church for the past three months for his father to received Jesus. There is power in prayer....but it doesn't stop there....his wife after seeing the change in him and watching him read his bible wanted what he had, so he led his wife to the Lord.....his last comment was..."Now that's funny a Muslim leading a Catholic to Jesus"!
Doesn't get better then that!
God is doing mighty miracles in the middle east these days and Jesus' coming is very close at hand!
Some of you may think it was full of gloom and wasn't! I know that Jesus is close and it will be in my life time, that's for sure....for unbelievers it's scary but for believes it's exciting!
My prayer is "Come Lord Jesus Come"!


jan said...

You know I admire your faith. I just wish I could be just a little like you.........

morningDove said...

oh i'm envious (i know God says not to envy - i'll repent) would love to been there. We have a Jewish congregation near and many go every friday. so many great things happening for the Lord. we need to be sharing our faith and love of Jesus more.

Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, you are more then you know!!

Love ya

Reflections of life and art said...

Hi's a good repent! I find myself doing that too! There is so much happening and so fast it's hard to contain it all! Our Lord is returning fast..I can't wait until He puts His feet on the Mt. of Olives again!


Melb. said...


jan said...

Nah, fraid not me dear. I just cannot believe like you. Oh well, each to their own I guess. You keep me going in that department tho, so I feel OK. :-)
Have a great Easter Noel.

Reflections of life and art said...

Hi Melb....yes Maranatha is correct.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

Jan, you know I!