Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quiet Day!

Had a quiet day today....hubby and I got to snuggle till 8 am this morning....VBG!
He brought me this bouquet of purple tulips yesterday...I bet by tomorrow they will be wide open....I love tulips! They're so beautiful when in bloom but then they're gone so fast!
I also, love the intoxicating smells of lilacs and jasmine...we use to have jasmine growing in our patio but we soon realized we had tons of bees rid of them fast!!

This is my new toy.....I'm so excited about this exercise machine...why you ask...because it's one that I can actually use without it killing my knees and shins!! Besides, it only cost me $20.00 and it's brand new. I like the fact that is folds up flat and can be put in the closet when company comes over. I've used it for four does it give you a good work out too!
This is my sweet pea, Shayla sunning her self!
It truly is a dog's life!!
That's it for today....I did clean up most of my art room I'm off to gather some things to go in the mail tomorrow and then to give Shayla a bath....maybe pop in a god movie and sip some tea and grab a couple of art magazines for inspiration!


morningDove said...

love your purple (royalty color) tulips. i am enjoying the scent of jasmine as i write this. found a liquid/sticks with jasmine and bought it. now i will think of you as i smell it everyday.

morningDove said...

forgot to say i love the scrapbooking-type template on your page. great color

jan said...

Gorgeous tulips Noel.