Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy day...

Today is a day to complete things I've put off for.....oh gosh like days/weeks...any one else like that or am I in this boat alone......ahaha...I don't' think so.

I'm writing a letter for a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile for charging for early termination fees....against the law as of last year!

Cancel an automatic deduction for an orphanage in South America and putting the money somewhere else....things like that!

Almost finished.....but I had to take time to post to my blog....and visit some of my favorite blogs as well....I don't always post on them but I visit regularly...gotta keep up on them as well as facebook....that's a subject all in!

Next I'm off to the post office, pay a couple of bills and then gather my things for class tonight!

Happy Monday to you all!

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