Monday, September 21, 2009

Woo Hoo it's finished....

Friday I finished the freefrom beaded bracelet I started for my DIL's mom.
I started this quite a while ago but my muse took a vacation and I couldn't get motivated to finish I forced myself to sit on Friday and do it! I'm glad I turned out better then the pictures look.
I was so hoping to do one in another color but she wanted green just like my first one I did...this one is not as wide...mine is more like a cuff this is more like a bracelet...just need to put a big snap on it and off it goes.

I think my next one will be in go with my blue basic!

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Carol said...

Its a beautiful bracelet and I am sure she will love it. My main "uniform", as my daughter calls it is jeans. I never think to make blue jewelry though. Funny. I love your free forms. I tried one when I first started beading thinking it would be easy. I am going to re-attempt it this winter.