Saturday, September 5, 2009


What do you think of when I say the word "comfort"?
To me I think of a nice warm blanked when I'm cold....a gentile squeeze of my hand from my hubby, of a smile from a friend, a hot cup of orange spice tea on a cold day or a good bowl of soup...I could go on and on....but do you think of a doll????

I just read an email from a sweet online friend of mine in Arizona. We haven't spoken in a while. She wanted to see how I was doing and to let me know that she was sending a comfort doll that I had sent her to a gal in Georgia, who has cancer along with other infirmities. I was pleased and sad at the same time for this woman and it got me to remembering a similar instance with another friend just last year.

A friend from the doll club I was attending last year had a friend who she had not spoken to in a while and when she had she found out that she was dying of cancer so she asked me if she could buy one of my comfort dolls so she could send it to her friend.....well, I said no, but that I would send the doll directly to this lady along with a card in her name and a little story about the doll.
Pat, later told me that her friend just loved the doll and it never left her until she died shortly afterward.....her daughter now has the doll!

I now think of my little hand held dolls as comfort!!! They are made with love, packed with hugs and prayed over before they leave, whether going to Pat Winter's Comfort Doll project, a special friend or to a complete stranger!

When I was making the latest batch of dolls, you can see them in an earlier post, I asked the Lord to bless me with a ministry using these dolls for His we will see if it's His will for me to do so, but in the mean time I will keep making them and giving them away to whoever needs one!


Maggie R said...

Ho Noel.
What a lovely story. I'm sure the lady that received your doll felt the love and "Comfort" that was sewn into it..
It makes "Us" feel good to give comfort to others too..
Your story reminded me that I must get some more comfort dolls off to Pat Winter.It is a wonderful project .

jan said...

Comfort = You my friend. You are always there for me. lol Jan x

WayMooreFunQuilting said...

I have not followed up on Genie, the woman who I sent your doll off to. I will do that and report back if my contact has any info, that is.