Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New discoveries....

The weather has more temps in the 100's....well, at least for a few days that is.
I took advantage of the cool weather on Labor Day and decided to clean the upstairs....found my old hp photo scanner....only 6 years old and never used......what can I say...I'm electronic challenged.
I pulled out the disc to install it on my laptop and it said only compatible with Windows XP....I have compatible......:(
I didn't stop there tho....I tried three times to install it and on the third time it worked.....after a short prayer....hee hee!
I then scanned in over 200 photos....some so old the photos were fading...from the Polaroid era...some of you remember those!
It was great....about a week ago I decided to go through the couple of boxes....we're talking under the bed storage boxes full of photos and condense them many of you have tons of photos like me....come on tell the truth?
Anyways I narrowed it down to one of these boxes and then had hubby sit down the other night and go through them again to narrow even more....we I only have three plastic shoe boxes full of photos....soon to be down to two....whoo hoo!!
Now to figure out how to burn them on Cd's.....another electronic challenge for another day!!

I'll leave you with a pic of Fred and Wilma!!

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jan said...

Yabber dabber doo!!!!

I had loads of those shoe boxes of photos, fraid I was ruthless and out loads of them went. I don't regret it. I have kept the ones that mean a lot to me.
Hubby has a couple of boxes of them to go through, people we have no idea who they are, so old though, shame to throw away, may use some of them in projects in the future. lol x