Saturday, October 10, 2009

Old project....New project

I was going through the art room last week and came across this project I did a couple of years ago.....I've never used it....I think I set it aside to give away as a gift and never out it came and soon to be used.
If your wondering what it's a birthday book and it fits in the tin with cards....clever idea!
This is what the inside looks has the old library cards for each month that you date stamp with the persons name. Each cards has a folded ribbon stapled to it for easy pull out!

Here are the dividers that go inside so you can put the number of cards needed for each birthday that month.

Here are some cards that I've made that I put inside....looks like I will need to make more stamps if I'm going to use my little birthday tin!

Now, that is the old project and here's my idea for a new one....I found an extra tin tucked away on a shelf and using the divider idea what about a recipe box?
Any suggestions????

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