Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful mail while on vacation.....

I received two packages last week while I was on vacation and they were both filled with wonderful surprises.
The first one was from my dear friend Janet, in England. This was her first beaded doll and from what she said her's not her thing.....I don't know's so beautifully done and it certainly doesn't look like a first timer did this work!

I'm so amazed every time I pick her up and look at her....Janet...I'm honored to have her....she now hangs from a shelf right above my computer desk so I can admire her every day!!

This is the piece of fabric the doll was wrapped in....oh, I have ideas for this.....castles in the fabric!

I've already put this lovely to goes with me every where....fits a small not pad and pen as well as a few other goodies....a perfect little quilted bag for tucking in those little projects while at the doctors office or for a ride in the it!!
Check out Janet's blog for more of these cute bags!

Now for the tear jerker gift......this is Janet's specialty.....her fabric post cards....this is an album of them with pictures from my blog.....these are just a few of them! Each one is in a clear plastic photo holder and on the back of each fabric postcard she has written something about each one.
I can't even express how in awe I am at this beautiful memorable work of art!!

My mom and dad's wedding picture

My Mom when she was in her 2o's

Clover blowing kisses

Evelyn and Clover

Caleb's water Baptism

the last page in the album.....beautiful!!

The following gifts are from Carol....she is a new online friend....I sent her some comfort dolls and patterns and as a thank you she sent me these gifts.

This is a healing doll that Carol makes....the bottom is home grown lavender that she grows herself.....she smells wonderful! I haven't named her but she too hangs from the shelf above my computer table! Carol also tucked in a large sprig of lavender to boot....I may have to stuff a small doll with it and hang it in my car....I love the smell of lavender!!

This lovely work of art is a magnet that is hand painted by a friend of's painted on a piece of shale....this picture doesn't do it justice! It's now on my refrigerator for everyone to see and admire!

I'm am truly blessed by these generous ladies.....thank you for
your beautiful gifts!


morningDove said...

these are all wonderful gifts from very talented artists and great friends of yours. i loved looking and sharing your blessings.

welcome home.

jan said...

Hi my good friend,
glad you are home safe and hope you had a great vacation/holiday.
Pleased they have arrived for you. Oh I will definitely make another doll, its just this one took a year to make, did it whilst I was house sitting only. Next one will be quicker....maybe hahahaha lol Jan x
Reb still beading her one.

Fannie said...

All wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful vacation.